Become an examiner


If you wish to apply for the post of examiner, eligibility criteria include:

  • A university degree in Information Technology or in a related field. We accept ICT trainer qualifications which comply with DIGCOMP.
  • minimum dwuletnie doświadczenie w nauczaniu.

UWAGA: Trener prowadzący zajęcia z grupą nie może być jej egzaminatorem

Accreditation process:

The process of obtaining Digital Europe examiner qualifications consists of the following steps:

  1. The candidate sends in an application via the application form, attaching an updated CV and a diploma scan. Maximum size of the attached files is 1 MB.Digital Europe makes a formal appraisal of the application.
  2. Digital Europe employee verified the form formal assessment
  3. Candidates who meet the requirements listed above will receive a link to the accreditation training via e-mail. After the completion of the training and a positive result in the test of the procedures described in the training the candidate obtains the qualification of Examiner and a certificate confirming their competence.
  4. Digital Europe Foundation creates an account for the examiner and sends them a link to the examination platform. Access to the platform is enabled with the use of the contact details provided at application through the dedicated form.

Examiner application form

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