We are a member of the international organization All Digital

All Digital (formerly known as Telecentre Europe) is a leading pan-European association based in Brussels, representing member organizations across Europe that work with 25,000 digital competence centers.

All Digital focuses on supporting Europeans who have insufficient digital skills. The activities of the organization increase the chances of finding a job, using online services, better quality of life, and inclusion in today's information society.

The benefits of DIGITAL EUROPE certification

  • Standardisation - the exams have been designed to verify the competences defined in the DIGCOMP framework as well as its updated version DIGCOMP 2.0. As a result, the examination sets are compatible with all the training programmes which comply with the DIGCOMP Framework.
  • Versatility - the examination sets are consistent with the predefined standards and based on the content of the DIGCOMP Framework. As a result, the learning outcomes described in the European Digital Certificate may be used as groundwork for the design of ICT training programmes.
  • Objectivity - European Digital Certificate exams are administered with the use of an examination platform which creates exam sets randomly and checks the accuracy of the answers. It prevents a candidate's dishonesty while taking the exam.
  • Up to date - knowledge related to digital skills changes so quickly that both course content and exams need to be updated constantly in order to make the examined knowledge as practically applicable as possible. With that in mind, we’ve already implemented the upgraded standards of DIGCOMP 2.0 Framework, to make sure the accredited know-how keeps up with the real needs of the users.
  • Validation - exams have been designed as an external tool for computer-skill verification which works independently of training institutions and follows the guidelines for the implementation of projects subsidised by the European Social Fund in the area of education for the years 2014-2020.
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