About us

The Digital Europe Foundation was established to support activities in the field of education and to create favorable conditions for the development of the labor market, entrepreneurship and innovation.

To ensure the implementation of our goals we are keenly pursuing a variety of activities such as:

  • improving the quality of teaching and training;
  • facilitating the process of professional development certification;
  • organising outreach campaigns as well as promotional, training and consulting activities popularising knowledge and raising the level of competence in areas which are key to effective development;
  • supporting and conducting scientific and research activities and developing new tools and solutions for development in the regions;
  • initiating and expanding the collaboration between businesses as well as developing cross-sector partnerships;
  • assistance in obtaining external funding sources for development projects, in particular those with high potential for innovation;
  • popularising new technologies, including IT technologies, in management, business activities, and education;
  • offering certification for individuals;
  • initiating activities supporting teaching and training as a tool to improve work efficiency and personal development.

We carry out the above tasks through poland exam centers and international colaboration.

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